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WBEZ / NPR: Republican Party Diversifies Through Women Candidates

NORTHBROOK, ILLINOIS — Ultra-liberal media outlet National Public Radio (NPR) recognized that the Republican Party is organically diversifying its representation in Congress through the nomination of more women candidates than ever before.

“The (Republican) party's candidates are also more diverse. Right now, 45 Republican women have cleared their primaries, putting the party on track to beat their previous record of 53 general election nominees back in 2004. Of those 45, nearly half are women of color,” wrote NPR Susan Davis.

Among the most prominent new Republican congressional nominees are Republican Valerie Ramirez Mukherjee (R – 10th Illinois) of Mexican-Slovenian heritage and Republican Michelle Steele (R – 48th California) of South Korean heritage.

"217 women filed to run for Congress as Republicans in 2020 according to the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University, which is twice the previous record of 133,” said Ramirez Mukherjee. “This isn’t party leaders encouraging women to run. This is a groundswell of conservative women who are determined to improve the management of the United States government for the benefit of the future generations of children we are bringing into the world.”

NPR further predicted that ‘Republican women candidates will have to convince women voters who oppose Trump to vote for them — a tricky path in a nationalized election climate’.

“I believe that voters in northern Illinois are more interested in what benefits our families in the long run than the latest Twitter spat between Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump or the details of the arcane Senate rules debates between Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell,” said Ramirez Mukherjee.

“My goal is to let voters know that I have the experience to succeed in implementing a plan to balance the Federal budget, get us out of debt and get us back to work.”

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