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In Case You Missed It: US election 2020: The 19th amendment and a 100-year milestone for women

From a recent BBC story:

"Throughout her career in business and finance, Valerie Ramirez Mukherjee said that she was lucky to not experience gender discrimination, but would often hear from women who did. "I want to help solve this," she said. "How do we get others to experience what I've experienced?"

Ms Ramirez Mukherjee and her brother were the first in their family to attend university, and she recalls that their mother didn't raise them to see any difference between genders. "I didn't see that there was a 'role' of a girl or a boy," she said. "It was about who had the skill or the interest to get the job done."

It was when Ms Ramirez Mukherjee wanted to start a family, that she was made to feel aware of her gender. Her two pregnancies were difficult, and she realised that trying to find time for necessary doctor's appointments during the work day would unsettle her male colleagues.

Now, in her first run for public office, Ms Ramirez Mukherjee is focused on creating transparency for women in the workplace. "100 years later and we're still having this conversation," she said. "If a woman decides to start a family, how do we talk about that more?""

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